Transvestite Tales
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i love it
Another suck-sessful sunday.

Sucked another cock tonight with a sexy pair of patterned tights and leopard high hells on. The guy was lovely and I have blow him before. He came in mins and told me I give amazing blowjobs. I swallowed everything and he left. I think he is married.

What I’m wearing now.

What I’m wearing now.

I’m curious as to how many people from tumblr are on pottermore. Reblog if you’re a member.

Got my Pottermore acc today.  i am Watchrune203

Im a slut

Another load of cum in my mouth by some random guy. I didn’t even ask his name and we hardly even spoke. From 1st contact to leaving took no more than 45 mins. This was the biggest cock that I’ve had in a ages and I gagged a few time. When he came there was tonnes and I swallowed every drop. If he comes back again I’m gonna let him facefuck me.

Me dressed up

Me dressed up


I just sucked a cock while dressed as girl. Loved it. He came and went within 15 mins. I swallows all his cum and managed to deep throat him. I feel like such a dirty slut